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Summer Camp Celebration / Back-2-School Event

Connecting youth, families, and the community to educational resources such as STEM training and school supplies; Providing youth and parents the opportunity to celebrate the youth and their accomplishments during summer camp program; Improving parental communication with key personnel and increase their support for their child’s future and academic attainment.

Community Baby Shower

Increasing support and engagement of community members; Increasing meaningful youth involvement in fun activities to decrease delinquency and violence; Providing time for networking and brainstorming about suggestions for connecting youth to available resources and services.

Community Feeding & Giveaway

Decreasing poverty in the community by creating awareness of CYS programs. Reducing risk factors for poverty by advocating for youth & families in the community. Connecting youth, families and the community to resources, services and activities that promote holiday cheer, the spirit of giving and encouragement to the less fortunate.

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Annual Gala

Connecting youth, families, and the community to educational resources for teen moms; Acquiring knowledge related to parenting, healthy relationships, financial literacy, and childhood development.

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